Armando Kirwin has worked for some of the world’s leading virtual reality production companies where he has generally been responsible for overseeing post production activities, collaborating on camera R&D, and shepherding the creative development of cutting-edge projects.


As an expert in virtual reality, he has held speaking engagements at industry-leading agencies and conferences such as McCann, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ciclope, Sundance, and NAB; speaking on topics ranging from the practical realities of current production technology to the far future of virtual reality in everyday life.


Prior to his career in VR, Armando worked on over 20 feature films including the first major motion picture shot in digital 4K, ‘The Book of Eli’ (Warner Bros.), and eventually joining Paramount Pictures. He left the traditional film industry in 2010 to focus on technology entrepreneurship and help create the first 4K streaming VOD service, ODEMAX (acquired by RED Digital Cinema); and was later recruited by Chad Hurley, co-founder and ex-CEO of YouTube, to join his private technology incubator in Silicon Valley.


Along the way, he has produced music videos that have been featured on Spin, Vice and Fader, taught a design workshop at Stanford University, and helped launch two non-profit educational initiatives for at-risk youth. He earned a Master’s of Science from the University of Texas at Austin and lives in Los Angeles, California.

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